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elevate your performancewith tailored coaching

Explore our services designed to meet your unique needs, whether you're stepping onto the field as an individual competitor or as part of a collective force aiming for the top.


Dive deep into your mental game with individual coaching sessions. We'll develop your performance through tailored strategies, working to transform your approach to challenges in sport and life.

Elevate your team's culture and performance with our consulting services. Taylor will guide your team in the path towards fostering resilience, enhancing focus, and achieving collective excellence.



Whether you’re aiming for personal bests, seeking to overcome performance hurdles, or looking to cultivate a winning team environment, Taylored Minds is here to guide you through every step of the journey.



Discover the transformative journeys and victories of athletes who've embraced their mental game with Taylored Minds.

"When I was chosen to present on ice at the University of Michigan for The Coaches Site live event in Ann Arbor this past June, I unexpectedly found myself grappling with self-doubt, a new and unsettling experience for me. Enter a pivotal figure in this journey - Taylor Cook. In navigating this uncharted territory, Taylor not only equipped me with the tools, direction, and confidence-building blocks I needed, but also empowered me to tackle any potential obstacles that could hinder my progress. As a result, I stood prepared, delivered the presentation, and experienced no post-presentation second-guessing. The pride and fulfillment I felt were a testament to the profound growth I achieved in those 12 weeks - regardless of my age. Taylor's guidance was spot-on, and her words consistently painted a vivid picture of the actionable steps required to drive impactful change. I am deeply thankful for the time I spent with Taylor and wholeheartedly endorse her as a performance coach."

Cathy Andrade

Pro Skating Coach

Presenter at The Coaches Site, Founder of Power Hour & Extra Hour Hockey Training

"It was my privilege to have Taylor as my mental coach. With an injury that had impaired my athletic performance, I was initially grappling with a mental blockage, which Taylor adeptly helped me overcome with their expertise in mental training. Taylor's approach was highly personalized, bespoke to my specific needs, and they remained highly attuned to my progress, providing consistent feedback that proved instrumental in my success. Their unwavering support and guidance bolstered my confidence, helping me to achieve a state of heightened focus and performance. I wholeheartedly recommend Taylor to those seeking a sophisticated and results-oriented mental coach."

Alicia Williams

Professional Hockey Player

Aisulu Almaty, EWHL

"Taylored Minds Coaching helped me look at things a different way, a better way than I used to look at things. As a person I am not really positive, always thinking bad about myself and everything around it. With Taylored Minds Coaching I am starting to perform and feel better on and off the ice, because Taylor changed my mindset to a brand new me, a better me. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I am already seeing progress in my game. With Taylored Minds you will start to look at everything with a different look, by that I mean you will start to concentrate on the things you could do better and on the things you are already doing good. Take a chance and be the best you can be."

Krists Bergmanis


Zegmale Juniors, Latvia2


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